July 20, 2024
How to get decent XP at the start of Dawntrail

How to get decent XP at the start of Dawntrail

It’s almost time. The new expansion Dawntrail for Final Fantasy XIV will be released on June 28th (pre-order). The official release will be on July 2nd. We’ll tell you what you can still do in Eorzea before the release to get a decent XP boost at the start.

This guide shows you how to efficiently prepare for the release of Dawntrail in order to get a lot of XP at the start. We’ll also tell you how you can quickly level up the two new jobs. As a viper and pictomancer you start at level 80. However, you need level 90 for the new story arc.

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You can prepare these 4 things before release

Side quests from Endwalker

You have a total of 30 slots in your quest log. For example, you can travel to the Endwalker area of ​​Elpis and accept and complete 29 side quests there. Important: Don’t hand it in yet!

Quest log FFXIV
This is what it looks like.

These quests are not tied to your job. For example, you can do the quests with your Ninja and then hand in the quests with the Pictomancer or Viper at the start of Dawntrail. This will give you a decent chunk of experience points (XP) right at the start at level 80.

  • Make sure you only complete 29 quests if you want to play one of the two new jobs – because you still need a free slot for your job quest
  • With any other character who is already level 90, you can even prepare 30 quests
  • At level 90 you get around 190,000 experience points per quest, so a total of almost 6 million!

Khloe’s Adventure Album (Wondrous Tails)

With Khloe’s Adventure Album you can level up half a week. To do this you have to travel to Happy Hollow and find little Miquo’te Khloe Aliapoh You will receive an album from her.

The album shows you 16 items of content that differ from player to player. If you complete the individual tasks, you will receive a stamp for your book. You can collect a maximum of 9 stamps.

Khloe's Adventure Album
A look at Khloe’s adventure album (Wondrous Tails).
  • Every Tuesday at 10am there is a reset and you can get an album again and collect 9 stamps
  • This way you can prepare an album before Dawntrail, which you can then hand in by July 2nd
  • In total, you can then make half a level at release

Current Agenda (Challenge Log)

The current agenda gives you weekly tasks with which you can earn rewards in the form of experience points and Gil. Every Tuesday at 10am the tasks are reset and you then have a week to complete the entries in the agenda.

Challenge Log FFXIV
Challenge log in Final Fantasy XIV.

The last weekly reset before Dawntrail (pre-order) is on June 26. On that day (after the reset) you can already complete the following tasks in the tab Battles complete:

  • 2x Duty Roulette running
  • Run 2x dungeons (not via Duty Roulette)

So you only have to run a dungeon once on release day using Duty Roulette to complete your challenge log and get the XP.

The Wild Tribes

At level 80 you can do the Pixie tribal quests in Il Mheg. There you get 3 quests a day that give you a lot of XP.

From level 80 to level 90 you can then complete the tribal quests of the elephant-like Arkasodara, which you find in Thavnair (Yedlihmad).

You can accept the Arkasodara daily quests from Maru.
  • You can do the quests with every job now and hand them in directly on release day. After the daily reset on release day (5 p.m.) you can then accept and complete them again.
  • Danger: These quests are not transferable to other jobs. You can only turn them in with the job with which you accepted the orders.

How to quickly level up the Pictomancer and Viper to level 90

With the two new jobs you start at level 80. To quickly reach level 90 for the story, we recommend the following options in addition to your job quest:

Spamming dungeons

Together with the side quests from Endwalker (e.g. Elpis) and the quests of the Wild Tribes, you reach level 81, which means you are ready for the first dungeon in Endwalker.

If you know a healer or tank, ask them nicely if they will run dungeons with you. Experience has shown that the dungeon waiting time for DDs can be long because Dawntrail brings two new damage dealers. However, this method is the quickest way to get to level 90.

  • With this method, you can, for example, use your Khloe albums to skip intermediate levels
  • Because running dungeons is most efficient at levels 81, 83, 85, 87 and 89
FFXIV Elezen Viper
Are you Team Viper or Team Pictomancer?

Bozja Southern Front

You can also go to Bozja and do FATEs there, which many players did on Endwalker’s launch day to level up their Sage or Reaper. To do this, you have to go to the Doman Enclave and from there take the Aetheryte to Gangos.

Duty Support System

Would you rather do everything completely solo? Then you can also complete the dungeons with NPCs. However, the dungeons take significantly longer because the NPCs cannot cause area damage (AoE) – except for Urianger as an astrologer. But you don’t have to deal with annoying waiting times.

In Final Fantasy XIV there are also certain items that give you more experience points. If you pre-order, you will receive an earring that gives you a 30% bonus to combat experience up to level 90.

Always have something to eat with you, even a Boiled eggwhich you can get for just a little Gil from traders in the city. By consuming it, you get an experience bonus of three percent. Are you still looking for more guides? Then take a look here: Final Fantasy XIV – All guides to the MMORPG

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